Be the change you want to see in the world.

(Mahatma Gandhi)

Dear OSMA friends, colleagues, followers,

Feedback is a gift. And that’s how we see it. We’ve been talking to you and not with you for too long. So,  now’s the time to change that and ask you for some feedback. We really would like to hear from you. As we said in Our story: interdependence and co-responsibility, we take them seriously. So in order for us to grow and improve and to understand you better, we’ve prepared a brief questionnaire that shouldn’t take up more than a few minutes of your time but will help us to see what we can do better and deeper – it will help us grow together.

Please click mini survey and complete it until 10.4.2021 – it will make our day!


What else that we said in Our Story really matters? That collective intelligence is pure potentiality. Not only our minds, but our souls, our senses and the nature around us – all these combined are an endless source of knowledge and wisdom, but we seem to have forgotten how to use them. Daily routines overwhelm us, stress sometimes even paralyzes us – even though there’s so much in the human heritage that we can access – if we only know how.

This is where OSMA comes in. We’ve gathered a unique combination of artists, catalysts, a variety of experienced and wise facilitators with the ability to show you all these new dimensions. Dimensions that have been hidden within you all along and that can help you unleash. Read more about it in the upcoming newsletters, follow us on LinkedIn and of course, Welcome!


Perhaps it will bring you too some peace and inspiration  – this time instead of a poem we enclose a photo of one of our OSMA team members, finding peace and inspiration in nature, in the solitude of the Slovene Alps.


Editorial Board:

Branka Javornik, Ph.D.
Marjana Lavrič Šulman, M.Sc.
Hermina Krt, M.Sc.

OSMA is a leadership academy, supporting you to develop new ways of being and doing by offering a unique transformational exerience to create a kinder and more sustainable future for all.