Be the change you want to see in the world.

(Mahatma Gandhi)


We are experiencing ever more complex social and political problems today. We witness the potential of growing intolerance to otherness and necessity of increasing interconnectedness and interdependence in our communities. Be the part of this path together with us!

Dear partners, colleagues, friends, OSMA community!

Here is the latest overview of current events in OSMA Leadership Academy. In case you missed any of them, we made it easy for you to catch up:


Wheel of Life:  

This ancient wisdom contains deep understanding of how humans function – spiritually, physically, emotionally and with a courageous heart. It includes powerful practices for healing old patterns that prevent right relationship. Through working with this “bundle” of knowledge and tools, we can access the deep joy of living a full and balanced life.


The participants learn how to turn an organization from good or excellent to a sustainable Masterpiece which will serve employees, customers and other stakeholders as well as the planet. This means that they will have to find out the higher purpose and in this respect it will be necessary to re-define the mission, the vision and the strategy of their organization.

Genuine Leadership

In times when transformation has become the new norm, we need a new Leadership paradigm to address the challenges that organizations and all of humanity are facing. Genuine Leaders call forth all the innate 8  intelligences and the full potential in themselves and those they interact with to shape a sustainable future for the generations to come.

Mindfulness and Coaching for personal growth:  

Mindfulness: Demands of the new economic paradigm go beyond existing leadership experience. The need for highly focused leaders has emerged at the foundation of a new reality as a starting point for successful change management. The key to navigating in challenging and turbulent times is mindfulness. Mindfulness training is very important as it has been shown that intervention programs that are grounded in mindfulness enhance the executive functions of the individual.


Coaching for personal growth: Boost your immune system immediately and elevate your life energy by exercising The Russian Breathing Gymnastics (acknowledged by the Russian Ministry of Health) and get valuable inputs for starting to think in a more non-conventional way, discover new personal skills & enhance the existing ones, cope with stress easier and discover the meaning of good music for the human brain process. Let it become a part of your daily life. With the help of quality music, you can train your focus and multi-layer thinking approach. Also, understand what a powerful selling and motivation tool music is!



Storying is one of the most powerful catalysts of transformation. It is also one of the most potent practices for people at any stage of their leadership journey. A new paradigm leader is the one creating foundation for a better story to unfold.

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2nd »Experience Osma« online zoom event will be held in the end of November 2020 with inspiring and powerful content. Take care to be with us.


Your OSMA Academy Team

OSMA is a leadership academy, supporting you to develop new ways of being and doing by offering a unique transformational exerience to create a kinder and more sustainable future for all.